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Quest Africa

Quest Africa was born out of a growing awareness of the gap between the conventional education curriculum and the next stage in a young adult’s life. Most schools emphasise academic skills, leaving students less than optimally equipped in terms of practical skills, life skills and character building. Quest Africa aims to bridge this gap.

The Quest Africa Spring Programme is a co-educational, standalone course running for 3 months (Sept-Dec) which has been designed for those young men and women. This course will suit the needs and interests of international and regional school leavers as well as some university students seeking new direction.

Quest Africa’s goal is to facilitate the development of integrity and character in young men and women, to give them a true sense of purpose and direction in their lives and the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves in an environment that is both safe and true to life. Whilst the skills they will learn are important and useful, they aim to make true transformation take place in the hearts and minds of young people who are their course candidates. They will train them in developing habits and attitudes that will set them apart from their peers and give them confidence and resilience in the face of life’s myriad challenges, through a ‘can do’ attitude.

The young men and women of Quest will be encouraged to face the questions of their eternal purpose with honesty and openness. Traditional Christian values tempered with a keen awareness of the world of 21st Century work opportunities must have a strong bearing on perspectives, goals and actions.

The course is carefully structured with sufficient experiences and challenges, to force a shift out of comfort zones and current habits, into an action and solution-orientated mind-set, which will become a life habit of action.

Throughout the programme, there is a focus on character development, the importance of which was first conceived by Aristotle in his open-air academy some 2400 years ago, with these ideals:

  • Leading by examplespring
  • Learning by doing
  • Friendship through trust
  • Wisdom through experience
  • Commitment through passion
  • Courage through risk
  • Self-esteem through achievement
  • Humility through service
  • Passion for Life through adventure


Quest Africa is situated in the heart of Matabeleland, at the foot of the Mulangwane Hills. Participants are accommodated in a purpose built safari lodge style camp, overlooking a weir. The campus stretches over 2000 hectares of land known as the Quiet Waters Wilderness Estate. Facilities which are shared with Falcon College include a High Performance Centre, Information Communications Technology and Technology & Design facilities.

Spring Programme

The course is open to men and women aged 18 – 24 year olds and runs from second week of September to the first week in December each year. There are two short breaks during this time. At the same time, Quest is not for everyone. Not all candidates who apply will be accepted and not all candidates who start the programme will finish it. It is truly challenging.

Individuals will be assessed on a mental, physical, social and emotional level, prior to joining the programme. During the course of the programme, a young person’s character will be tested; he/she will develop physical and mental courage, tempered by a sense of what is right. By the end of the programme, they will have developed real mental grit and first-rate physical stamina, as well as gaining a high degree of self-esteem. Throughout, they will learn to confront and conquer their fears on an individual level, as well as that of a team. Through this team-work, bonds of friendship will be established to last a lifetime. Most importantly, they will have developed the essence of leadership – to be able to carry people with them through persuasion and example. By the end of the programme, all the participants will be equipped to take responsibility for their own destiny, by making decisions based on the variety of experiences and knowledge they will have gained.

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